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A well cut shaved hair can give a man a modern statement look. Surprisingly, there are several styles of shaves that most men tend to overlook when choosing the best shave for hair. We are going to show you some of the best shaves hairstyles for men, for all hair types including curly hair straight hair and fine hair. We will also discuss the perfect shaves for men who love a good hair bun.


This appears as a swept back hair on men with a refined and a sophisticated vibe. It works on long hair with short sides. The length can be varied as long as there is a sharp contrast between the top and the hair sides.


This is a partly shaved head that tapers gently into a structured side parting. It is best described as a neat haircut that promotes a clean appearance and a refined look. This unique haircut can go with a beard, especially an overgrown and a rugged looking beard to contrast against the defined and neat style.


This is any haircut that has a ponytail alongside neatly shaved sides. To most hairstyle lovers, it looks stylish while it creates a mixed feeling of ruggedness and a cute look for others. And it can be a statement haircut, but that is if you are brave enough to pull it all through. It's perfect for men who don’t give a damn about what you say about their hair.

At Route 66 Cutz, we believe every guy out there can rock a shaved head no matter his hair type. Why not get that stylish shave this season and look your best? Visit our shop today.

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