Mustache Trims 
in Amarillo Tx

Our classic mustache trimming service includes steam towels infused with essential oils, hot lather and conditioning after-shave to make your mustache look perfect when we are done.

Growing a mustache is a good thing, but finding the right barber and having them well trimmed is all that matters. An overgrown mustache can make you feel uncomfortable at some point. Performed in the traditional style with a clean razor, dollops of warm lather, and a pinch of cooling aftershave balm, a mustache trim is the perfect way to unwind from a stressful day or celebrate an achievement. Get your mustache well trimmed by the professionals in Route 66 Cutz, we are experts when it comes to your mustache trimming.

Experience our luxurious straight razor mustache shave.  Our premier shave experience is filled with facial treatment. In addition to our traditional classic mustache trimming process, you will receive a soft facial cleanse before the shave, and a toner and nourishing moisturizing treatment. You don’t have to worry about how long it will take, as our professionals are good at what they do and will trim your mustache real good in no time. Get back on your game with our traditional straight razor mustache trimming service. Steam towels infused with essential oils will soften and prepare the hair for the trimmed. We will leave you with a clean look. 

  • At Route 66 Cutz, all you need to do is sit back and relax while we give you the perfect trimming service; just relax and enjoy a professional atmosphere with top notch barbers. All our trims are completed with an after-shave lotion. Our barbers at Route 66 Cutz will give you a one of a kind mustache trim service. Your mustache will look its best after a complete structure and shaping. Oils and conditioning skin treatment will be applied with steam to revitalize the health of your mustache. In addition to the mustache shaping, our premier mustache trim will include a mustache wash and skin treatment. And the cleansing mask and steam will leave the exposed skin feeling renewed. 

Visit Route 66 Cutz and get access to a variety of traditional haircuts at affordable prices.

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