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Today’s barber shops provide clients with a sense of community that is often lost in today’s busy world. Route 66 Cutz wants to take you back to the time when barber shops were a place to gather as well as get a fashionable and economical haircut. 

Route 66 Cutz offers traditional barber cuts with a modern edge. From a bowl cut to fades, we can do it all. Our experienced barbers know how to evaluate which style would be the best compliment to your face shape. We also consider the shape of your head, your hairline, and your facial features when we recommend a cut. Retro barber cuts are becoming popular again. We begin with classic lines and a clean, professional look. Adding a modern twist, we can add undercuts or textured styling on top. No matter what we do, you are guaranteed to have a cut that works for you.

There are a wide variety of classic barber cuts to choose from. Perhaps one of the most traditional cuts is the bowl cut. This look can make you appear young. 

The hair around the lower part of the head is short, while the hair on top is longer. This is a look that we can freshen up at Route 66 Cutz by doing some blending between the two lengths. You might prefer a brush cut instead. This cut offers short, tapered sides and back. The top is an even length that follows the curve of the head. 

For the busy and stylish businessmen, we offer a conservative businessman’s haircut. This cut is tapered on the back and sides. The top is long and can be parted or brushed back from the forehead. This traditional cut offers great opportunities for a twist to freshen your look. The Caesar cut has short bangs combed forward. The hair on top is layered and one to two inches long. 
One of the most popular styles is a fade. This is an extreme taper haircut. The sides and back are cut very close to the head and the top is longer. 

It tapers from the ears or temple to the top. This cut is arguably the easiest cut to personalize and make uniquely your own. Route 66 Cutz is excited to work out designs and patterns that flatter you.

Finally, you might choose the high and tight haircut. This cut has extremely short sides and back. It can be clipped almost to the skin or even razor-shaved. There is minimal blending. No matter which haircut you choose or build from, we want to provide you with a quality cut. A speedy cut shouldn’t be a bad cut. At Route 66 Cutz, we focus on the details and providing the best customer experience. During your cut, you can expect some engaging conversation to help put your mind at ease before you head back out into the hectic world.
Drop in to Route 66 Cutz to step back into time. We know how to treat you right and
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