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Route 66 Cutz is offering much more than the traditional cut and shave. Beards are the newest fashion statement for the modern man. At Route 66 Cutz, we want to help you maintain a well-groomed and fashionable beard.

It all begins with your style. Different beard styles require different maintenance. Some styles are very sleek and need a razor shave to manage their shape. Many beards have a well-defined at the cheek and neck. We can help you manage those lines to keep your look clean and fresh. If you are just beginning your beard journey, Route 66 is happy to help you trim and shape your new beard. In addition, we can help you keep your beard proportional and neat. Our barbers know all of the tricks for maintaining your beard. We can help you define the shave line around your jaw. With this simple tool, you can more effectively manage your beard at home between barbershop visits.   

We are also equipped to offer you professional advice on products to help you maintain the clean cheek and neck area your beard style requires. We can work with you to train your beard to fall a certain way. This will help define and shape your beard as it grows.
Route 66 offers beard trim services to keep you feeling confident and clean. Our shop utilizes electric razors to ensure precise shape. We also offer wet shaves for no extra cost. No matter your choice, we want to provide you with a precise and controlled shave.

 We take pride in keeping your skin free of nicks, razor burn, and scratchy irritation. Beards require daily maintenance to remain tidy and clean. Route 66 Cutz can recommend products to help you keep your beard fresh. After we clean you up, we will help you determine how often you will need a trim in order to keep your style looking smart. We can help you get the beard you want at a great price. Visit Route 66 Cutz for the best beard service you’ve ever had. 

Visit Route 66 Cutz and get access to a variety of traditional haircuts at affordable prices.

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